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Fire extinguisher - "Magic Balls"

Magic Balls

Fire extinguisher - "Magic Balls"

Be Prepared for Emergency!

Ball shaped Fire Extinguisher
Quick to stop the fire spreading before it gets deadly
Easy to handle, even for the children and elderly

Are you prepared for emergency?

In Japan, we have many natural disasters, like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic eruptions, Typhoons, you name it, we have them all. Because of the constant threats from those disasters, people are well prepared for any emergencies.

One of the must items all the households have is fire extinguishers.

But the traditional fire extinguishers are heavy to lift and move around and they are cumbersome to use.

Our baseball shaped fire extinguishers are small, light weight and above all very easy to handle and use.

It is vitally important to stop fire spreading, in other words, you have to extinguish fire at an initial stage or at least contain it until fire engines with fire fighters come to your help.

Because our ball shaped fire extinguishers are small, your can store them in several places so that you can quickly access to them when you need them.

Because our ball shaped fire extinguishers are small, anybody can handle them, even small children and the elderly.