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Nowadays we are living in a complex environment.Our goal is to create a clean, healthy and comfortable living environment. It is our mission to protect the Earth's environment And we believe our Earth will be friendly to those who love him. By using advanced scientific technology and with perfect combination of natural ingredients, we present you this unique G2TAM series.

G2TAM is the world first disinfectant that uses natural soy amino acids as the main ingredient. It has outstanding antibacterial and deodorizing abilities and is extremely reliable and safe to use. This unique technology has being patented and with the continuous research and accumulated know-how, the company's products have been improved and now reach a high degree of effectiveness and safety. Now the G2TAMαPlus series is widely used by various Japan government entities, big enterprises and also by individual. Currently, no other companies can replicate this technology and reach this level of antibacterial capability. This disinfectant is recommended To be used for infants, food businesses, households and pets.

All G2TAM anti-bacterial virus products are approved by the Japanese government.
※ The usage of antibacterial products has passed the SIAA standard requirement.
※ Awarded manufacturing method is also patented (Patent No. 3529059)
The cost that has been spent on lab testing for all the anti-bacteria products is already over $ 50 million Hong Kong dollars. At present, G2TAM series are widely used by Japan government entities and giant enterprises such as hospitals, fire stations, police stations, Japan self defense force, airports, airlines, public transport operators, food industrial enterprises, social centers for the elderly, kindergartens and also by individuals.


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